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Report an Absence



 Absence Information 

24 Hour ~ All Day Absence Line: 916-294-9055 x420115

For an all day absence, please leave a message on the message line.

 Early Dismissal/Late Arrival: 916-294-9055

Please call (either the night before or early in the morning) or send a note before school for your son/daughter to receive notification.

Absence Policy

Each student is allowed 10 days of absence due to illness. If your son/daughter exceeds the 10 days, please provide a doctor’s note to clear all absences thereafter. For medical appointments, illness, or surgery, please request a note from your doctor for the exact dates.

 Vacations are not excused absences. Vacations or absences other than illness are considered unexcused and may result in Saturday School.

 Closed Campus

Students may not leave campus without checking out through the attendance office. If your son/daughter leaves campus without checking out, a parent cannot clear the absence after the fact. Failure to follow campus checkout policy may result in detention for your son/daughter. 

 Personal Items/Notes will Not be Delivered

On occasion, we understand that your son/daughter may forget his/her homework assignment, lunch, money, books, etc. We do not deliver nor send notes to make any pick up arrangements to remedy this type of situation.