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Transcript Request

What is the difference between Official and Unofficial Transcripts?



UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS - do not have the official school seal or signature, nor are they in a sealed envelope.  An unofficial transcript is typically requested to provide proof of grades for auto insurance or other personal needs. These can be emailed to you. 

OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS - have the official school seal and signature and are placed in a sealed envelope. Some scholarships require an Official Transcript, however most do not.  

Email the following information to

  • Name at the time of graduation
  • Year you graduated in
  • Date of Birth
  • Address you lived at when graduated.
  • Where to send the offical or unoffical transcript to

Please allow 2-3 school days to process your request.  


CSU or UC Schools Students do not need to request a transcript UNLESS it is an application requirement for a special program. CSU and UC do NOT accept transcripts as part of the initial application process. 

Common Applications/Send EDU:  Students do not need to request a transcript. Enter your counselor's email on the application and your counselor will upload the transcript when they complete your common application.   

Out of State & Private Schools:  Non CSU, UC or schools not using Common App, such as private colleges and universities and schools out of state may require a copy of your transcript.  Please consult their website to determine if a transcript is necessary. 

Scholarships/Jobs/Auto Insurance: Please determine whether you will need an Official or Unofficial transcript. If unofficial, it will be emailed to you. Allow 2 school days to process these requests.